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Quantum Console Software Version V1742

Release Date: April 2024

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Quantum 852 Quantum 338 Quantum 225 Quantum 7 Quantum 5

Key Feature Changes

  • Pulse software for Quantum 338 and Quantum 225
    There is a new optional extension known as “Pulse” for Quantum 338 and Quantum 225 which increases the processing capability of the console.
    See below for the details of the differences between the two options
  • Quantum 7 & Quantum 5 Mustard processing increase
  • Support for KLANG automated setup process
  • Support for internal Fourier Interface Card
  • Support for Waves ProLink control
  • Support for integrated control of Spacemap Go
  • Support for integrated control of Adamson AFM
  • Mix Minus function on Quantum Consoles
  • Q7/SD7/Q5/SD5 - CG/HARD mute indicator on the Meterbridge
  • Q7/Q5/Q3/Q2 - Mustard dynamics meters

Other New Features

  • Support for Quantum 852 session conversion
  • Support for DMI AVB card
  • KLANG Position recall has a separate recall scope in Global scope.

Errors Fixed

  • DMI Optocore in Orange Box was occasionally routing incorrect audio.
  • Quantum 3T fader off colour was not consistent.
  • Touch Screen brightness was not being recalled on Session load (SD7 & Quantum 7)
  • Quantum 2 and Quantum 3 were reporting surface errors when no errors were present.
  • Mix safe was not being correctly applied to the first Aux mix.
  • Solo Buss inserts could stop working on session load on Quantum Engines.
  • Using Cue groups could cause a List index out of bounds error.

Pulse software for Quantum 338 and Quantum 225

  Model Input Chans Busses Matrix Mustard Nodal Proc
Standard Quantum338 128 64 24x24 36 64
Pulse Quantum338 156 72 24x24
(36x36 in Theatre)
48 72
Standard Quantum225 72 36 12x12 24 32
Pulse Quantum225 96 48 12x12 36 48

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