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4Rea4 1.40 Installer for Control App and Processor

4Rea4 Controller & Updater V1.40

Key Updates

  • DiGiCo A168D & A164D Wall LCD Dante connectivity IO boxes are now supported.
  • UI enhancements to improve user workflow
    • DMI Dante
    • DMI MADI

Bug fixes

  • Input channel filters could be incorrectly drawn on the EQ graph of buss outputs (audio unaffected).
  • Restarting 4REA4 engine with the DMI Optocore Input channel count set to 0 will not pass audio to an SD console.
  • System tab - selected engine could occasionally display wrong IP/version information when multiple 4REA4 engines were on the same network.
  • Various general performance improvements.

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