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Little Red & Little Blue Box block diagrams (TN248)

The attached block diagrams can be used alongside the below reference images to further understand how and when to use which of our solutions boxes.

Little Red Box


Little Red Box allows users to share a DiGiCo D-Rack between 2 DiGiCo consoles that support our CAT5 rack connection.

The D-Rack only has a single CAT5 console connection, with no built-in way of sharing the rack. The Little Red Box, however, will allow you to plug in your D-Rack into both your main console and a secondary console. The main console controls all the gains, as well as outputs on the rack, whilst the secondary console acts as a ‘receive only’ module for the inputs. This rack sharing setup is perfect for operating a Front of House and Monitors configuration. DiGiCo’s Gain Tracking system can also be activated when required.

The handy SPLIT MADI switch allows you to decide if you want to split a D-Rack or one of DiGiCo’s MADI based racks. While the D-Rack CAT5 rack connection on a console is usually limited to 32 inputs and 16 outputs, the Little Red Box allows a full 56 I/O to be used when a MADI rack is connected; a great way of expanding the I/O capabilities of the CAT5 port on your SD9, SD11 or S-Series console.

Split Mode

Two SD9's share 64 inputs across 2 D-Racks.
One SD9 controls one rack's gains, the other SD9 controls the second rack.
This requires two Red Boxes



Two SD9's share one MADI connected rack.
One SD9 has full control, the other is "Receive Only"

Little Blue Box


Little Blue Box allows users to share a DiGiCo D-Rack between a console with a CAT5 rack connection and up to 2 MADI based consoles.

The SD9 / MADI switch allows you to select which console is the main console controlling the gains and the outputs; in SD9 mode the CAT5 connected console is in control, and in MADI mode the MADI connected console controls the gains and the D-Rack outputs. The secondary console in each setup acts as a receive only console, receiving the inputs from the rack as a split, with the option of using DiGiCo’s Gain Tracking system.

The Console Rx. Auxiliary output provides an additional MADI split output which can be connected to any MADI console or even straight to a MADI Multitrack recording computer via a DiGiCo UBMADI or DiGiGrid MGB.

The Little Blue Box is powered via USB, with a second USB port acting as a thru.

SD9 Controls Gains

SD8&9 Sharing a D-Rack with optional MADI split.

SD8 Controls Gains

SD8&9 Sharing a D-Rack with optional MADI split.

SD9 & MADI Mode

SD8&9 Share 64 inputs from 2 D-Racks.
SD9 controls one racks gains and SD8 controls the other rack.
Requires two LBB

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