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Quantum & SD Console Software Version V1619

Release Date: October 2022

Download Links

Quantum 338 Quantum 225 Quantum 7 Quantum 5
SD12 SD11 SD10 SD10-RE SD9 SD8 SD7 SD5 SD5CS

Key Feature Changes

  • OSC Touch Panner Channel Control
  • Mustard Processing Availability
  • Theatre Channel Scope Panel
  • New Log Messages
  • Worksurface Section Status
  • Optocore Loop Interruption

Other New Features

  • Theatre Software is now available for Quantum 338

Errors Fixed

  • Recall and rename Copy Audio Preset Macros were not working correctly.
  • Busses that had Mustard Processing Active were not audible in the solo buss if True Solo was Active.
  • An on-screen System Message would appear when opening the Spice Rack with a NAGA 6 if you had restructured a session with the Spice Rack out of recall scope.
  • When a DMI MADI card in an Orange Box was set to Dual Mode, it was possible for some of the Audio channels on port B to be offset.
  • With some 96kHz sessions, distortion would be audible in the solo buss after session load.
  • Quantum 7 Engines would not transmit video over the Optocore Network.
  • Creating a Macro to spill a CG and the fire next snapshot would lead to faders becoming linked.
  • An Access Violation could occur when selecting an Aux output after in input channel in the same bank if the expanded aux panel was open.
  • HDSDI card control information was not reported on Quantum Consoles.
  • Swapping a channel location while the Nodal processing control panel was open could cause an Access Violation. Enabling Nodal Processing and KLANG control on the same Aux node could cause an Application Error. On Quantum 225 & 338, encoder timeouts were too short causing EQ and dynamics panels to randomly open. Quantum Aux node pick up points could be selected in the aux nodes panel on non-Quantum consoles.
  • Restructuring a theatre session would cause all section assignments to be removed from the right legs of stereo busses.
  • Improved worksurface reset performance following an F12.

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