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Console System operating temperatures

DiGiCo equipment is rated for operation (as opposed to storage) between 5 deg C and 35 deg C.

The lower limit avoids condensation problems and possible startup problems associated with the control computers. The upper limit relates to the safety approvals or certain PSU components and limits of reliable operation of the control computers.

Ambient temperatures in excess of 40 deg C should be avoided wherever possible. Note all temperatures relate to free-flowing ambient air surrounding the console or rack located in the shade, never direct sunshine.

SD Racks work satisfactorily up to 50 deg C ambient.  It is normal for the full speed cooling to engage above 30 deg C ambient. The long-term effect on the life expectancy of equipment subjected to extreme temperatures routinely, or for long periods, is unknown.

Operation at temperatures around 0 deg C should be avoided due to potential condensation related issues.  It is important in very cold conditions not to attempt to start the system if condensation may have formed – you should bring a very cold console / rack into a warmer location and allow temperatures to stabilise for some time, typically around an hour, before powering up.

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