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I want to convert a session to a different console model or a different version.

Download SD/Quantum Convert V1619

A session from any SD console can be converted to suit any other, using the session converter program available freely on the website. Note you cannot convert between S and SD series sessions as the console software for each range are fundamentally different.

When converting session files, it’s important to know the version / build number of the session file you want to convert.

If you are converting up to the latest version of software, use the most current version of the SD Convert program. Load in your session, select the appropriate console type (SD9, SD10, SD8 etc..) and save the new session file.

If you are just converting between console types that have the same version / build of software, use the version of SD Convert that matches your session file.

Note that each build of console software has a matching version of the SD Convert program.

Do not load newer session files into older versions of SD Convert. The resulting session file may not function correctly.

Use a matching version of SD Convert when only switching between console types.

You cannot load newer session files into older console software, and there is no way of using SD Convert to achieve this.

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